Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Topical Tuesday

Hello and welcome to my first real post since moving across:)  This week it's my turn for the Topical Tuesday edition and I decided to play around with some bright colours to match the joy of the Easter season!
I've created two cards and a very short video.  You can catch the video HERE
The first card uses die inks...
..and the second Copics.
You'll only need a few minutes to create each card so we'd love to see your creations uploaded at Stamp Embellish Create!  Don't forget to use the tag - tt010 so everyone can easily find your projects!
Hugs for now,



  1. Such beautiful cards again Andrea love the colours blended into each other .....perfect sponging as always!

  2. Really lovely Andrea...I just remembered you had a new blog. I only tried the Copic technique myself a few weeks ago...will have to give it another go. Great tutorial.

  3. Great technique Andrea. I actually tried the Copic one myself a couple of weeks ago and loved the result. Love the vibrancy of the colours in yours. (And I just remembered you had a new blog - looks great).